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Type: Office Park / Working Garden

Size: 4,600m2

Client: Grenadier Estates / Oxygen House

Status: Planning


Plan were appointed by Grenadier Estates as part of multidisciplinary design team to transform the business park at Oxygen House to create an exemplar model for sustainable work places of the future.


The scheme will deliver a new solar array on an existing slope to the north of Oxygen House, a new carpark with solar car ports for electric vehicle charging to the south and, where the existing car park sits adjacent to the building, a new productive garden with spaces for work, rest, exercise and food production.

The design of the garden uses principles of permaculture for its creation and long term management. This involves sustainable sourcing of construction materials, minimising instructive construction techniques, minimising carbon intensive materials, employing an ecology led planting scheme and considering how maintenance can be part of a regenerative circular system. 

Birds Eye Sketch R01 copy.jpg
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