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Type: Private Residential

Size: 100m2

Client: Private

Status: Complete

PLAN were asked to design a family garden for a new home on the edge of Cheltenham. The site was a blank, muddy slate with poor drainage and soil quality as is common with new build homes. 

The client had a thoughtful and ambitious brief looking to maximise the use for the whole family and encourage wildlife into the garden. 


The design provided a terrace adjacent to the house, a sun-trap dining terrace surrounded by abundant planting, a natural pond, lawn and enlivened boundaries looking to diminish the dominance of the fence and introduce as much greening as possible.

To save money the client undertook most of the hard landscape and soil works themselves. An impressive dedication to detail and precision resulted in a fantastic result. 

PLAN were commissioned to install the plants.

Sketch view R00.jpg
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