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Type: Commercial, Residential, Retail, Leisure

Architect: Studio Partington

Size: 98 Residential Units

Client: ARJ

Status: Complete

PLAN were appointed to design the landscape for a new residential led scheme in Newham consisting of public realm improvements at ground level, an expansive communal garden on podium for residents and a series of green and blue roofs at higher levels. The schemes consists of a mixed-use development delivering two retail units, a leisure space (gym), and 98 residential homes within the private rented sector (PRS).

The communal garden at level 2 provides residents with a series of spaces ranging from intimate and reflective to more open, social and flexible set within a unified lush, green environment. Lush low-level planting arranged in organic forms define a range of spaces that the residents can use as they wish, for either play, relaxing, social events or quiet reflection.

A raised edge to the central space and carefully considered mounding create opportunities for tree planting which introduces a more intimate scale in the garden, screening to apartments and visual interest when viewed from above. A range of tree species will be proposed which include native birch along with edible fruiting species such as cherry, apples, pears, plums, Elder and June berry.


The tree palette will help to create a seasonally vibrant, biodiverse, edible landscape for both the new residents of the Brickyard and local wildlife.

Brickyard Podium
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