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Our Ethos

Our Ethos

Our Ethos


PLAN:design is a young and creative design consultancy of experienced Landscape Architects. We are chartered members of the Landscape Institute and Pre-Registered Members of the Society of Garden Designers, offering Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Garden Design.


With a background in fine art and neuroscience PLAN:design offers a broad design perspective, approaching each site holistically to ensure every scheme is bespoke and befitting of its time, place and the people who use it. Research is key to understanding the unique complexities of every site, from the history, ecology, local context and character, to the varying roles and interactions of the communities who live locally and those who might populate the space in the future.


We recognise the importance of protecting and enhancing our natural environment. We also appreciate the importance of our connection with the natural world and its positive affect on our health and wellbeing. It is our mission to ensure we reconnect people with nature through the art of landscape.

PLAN stands for the four core elements that inspire and influence us as designers and defines what we strive to protect, conserve and enhance as practicing Landscape Architects; 



People : Landscape : Art : Nature

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