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Type: Private Residential

Size: 337m2

Client: Private

Status: Technical Design

PLAN were asked to design a sheltered family garden accessed by expansive sliding doors from a contemporary kitchen.


The client wished the kitchen to feel open to the garden so paving finishes were closely matched from inside to out. Additional texture and staggered edges were introduced into the paving to provide a transition from the formal clean lines of the kitchen to a lush shady planting palette of the garden.

The staggered paving leaves space for planting to colonise between natural stone flags allowing nature to a controlled encroachment onto the clean, contemporary world of the indoor spaces. 

Large Oaks overhang the garden providing additional challenges. Overgrown Ivy was removed from the trees letting in a great deal of light and a single multi-stem Amelanchier Tree was added to bring spring colour into the garden and create a more intimate scale to the seating area.

Sketch concept plan.jpg
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