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Type: Private Residential

Architect: Open Architecture

Size: 1,400m2

Client: Private

Status: Complete


PLAN were asked to design the front and rear garden of a new Arts and Crafts style house situated in the Farnborough Park Conservation Area. The site was largely overgrown with evidence of a previous mature garden and trees of varying quality. The brief asked for a new family garden that offers a range of opportunities for entertaining, play, relaxing, cooking, a large flexible lawn and water. Proposals sought to retain the good quality trees that would benefit the garden by providing instant maturity while introducing a large number of new native and non-native trees for seasonal interest, colour and form. 


The main terrace sits with the house responding to indoor uses and allowing seamless indoor/outdoor living. The temple overlooks an elegant water feature set in the paving which draws the eye to the far reaches of the garden where a remote decked seating area nestles among a tiered water feature surrounded by ornamental multi-stem trees and lush fern planting. The kitchen opens out to a covered dining area surrounded by large pots and structured in-ground planting. The indoor snug opens to a fire pit with outdoor lounge seating and built-in BBQ located under the canopy of a magnificent magnolia tree. 


Planting responds to the site conditions with sun-loving colourful species located nearer the house while shade loving, lush ornamental woodland species can be found to the edges of the garden where new tree planting introduces a woodland character.

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