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Type: Private Residential

Architect: Johnson Design Partnership

CGI Visuals: Shove Media

Size: 10,500m2

Client: Private

Status: Technical Design 


PLAN were commissioned to design the landscape for a new paragraph 79 house situated in a secluded area of pastureland alongside the Rea Brook near Neenton. The design of the house captures the agricultural character of the area while its innovative form creates an exciting living space immersed in nature. Landscape proposals sought to make broader improvements to the hydrology of the site and its ecological richness while creating an environment that offers a range of experiences for people and wildlife to thrive alongside each other.


Wider site improvements included land remodelling to capture surface water run-off from surrounding fields and the road, new meadow planting, a reedbed, natural pond, bank stabilisation and an orchard. The design of the immediate house environs sought to capture the intrinsic beauty of the brook while re-introducing planting previously lost due to a lack of management of the existing trees along the water’s edge.


Hard spaces are kept to a minimum, consisting of a series of decked platforms stepping down to the water. New tree and shrub and herbaceous planting around the house has been carefully chosen to enhance the character of the site and introduce a variety of colour and form throughout the seasons. 

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