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Practice: BD Landscape Architecture

Client: WWT Slimbridge

Architect: Kay Elliott

Status: Planning granted, due to open in 2019

Role: Project Lead + Designer

The innovative flagship installation forms part of a £4.4m funding award announced by the Heritage Lottery for the Slimbridge 2020 project. The Living Wetland Theatre will offer the perfect open-air venue for live and interactive demonstrations and the chance to get up-close to beautiful wetland birds while presenters introduce the species on stage. Stars of the show will include flying pelicans, diving whistling ducks and the elusive bearded tit. The theatre will also offer a platform for live debates with researchers, scientists and TV experts. 

BD 0161 SD 803 R00.jpg
Wetland Theatre - Sun.jpg
Serial Vision 1.jpg
Serial Vision 2.jpg
Serial Vision 1.jpg
Serial Vision 1.jpg
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