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Type: Masterplan, Residential, Commercial

Architect: Y/N Architects

Structural Engineers: Simple Works

Community Project Design: Mark Essen

Sustainability Engineers: Etude

Illustrator: Edward Crooks

Client: Birmingham City Council

Status: Competition


As part of our research for the competition the team visited the site and surrounding neighbourhoods. We met the local communities and talked with individuals about their impressions of the centre as it is today, and discussed their aspirations for a new Smithfield.

Through these conversations and from our observations we have identified recurring themes that have informed our approach, raise questions and invite further exploration.The key challenges we observed;

1. Inclusivity - How do we create an inviting place for a diverse range of communities throughout the year?


2. Patrimony - How do we build upon the site’s rich heritage and support pride of place?

3. Adaptability - How can the development adapt and change for the future and stand the test of time?

Context Design Approach
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